Equipment Roster - No4


No. 4 - This is model of a 2-ton locomotive produced by Vulcan Iron Works.  I first learned of the prototype from Jeff Saxton's website and have wanted to make a model ever since.  Jeff's website mentioned a limited production kit made by Bill Martinsen, but by the time I found out about it the kits were long gone.  Unfortunately Jeff's website is gone but some of the prototype photos are posted below.  In the fall of 2006 a second hand kit showed up for sale and I jumped at the chance to buy it.   I combined Bill's excellent resin parts for the motor housing and frame and built the cab from brass sheet.  The model is powered by an Aristocraft motor block and radio controlled using a Locolinc controller.



The prototype photos are from the Hagley Museum and Library, P.O. Box 3630, Wilmington, Delaware 19807-0603