A Side trip into O-scale

Before modeling in 7/8's scale most of my recent efforts were in On2 and On3.  The photos below are sampling of projects I have worked on through the years - I seem to get things about 87.4 % finished and then move on to something else.  Some projects just get thrown out and others fade away into the background, but the urge to build never stops.

Awhile back I reworked a On3 US Hobby shay into On2 and added a detailed backhead and PFM sound. On2 Simplex

A small O scale station and railcar.  The railcar was powered using a small Flea from Northwest Shortline


A short-lived On2 layout.

An On3 diorama that went through a couple of stages before I moved on to other projects

Small On3 layout built for the GrandtLine 8-ton Porter.  Chucked it to make room for my 7/8's scale layout