7/8ths Scale Models & Info

    7-8ths Info Lounge - information and discussion site for 7/8ths scale topics

    7-8ths yahoo site - lots of motivation   

    Kevin Schindler's Narrow Escape - creative and fun, amazing photos

    Pete's Daisy Beach - where to go when you want to learn how to do it right

    Roger Klein's Woodpecker Lumber Co. - excellent site, check out the walking man!

    Mike Mott Models - outstanding models (mostly Gn15 but it's all inspiring)

    Henrik Laurell  - from Gothenburg, Sweden comes a great collection of models and info

    Carl Brummer's Garden Railroad - nice models of industrial and Maine railroads - lots of cranes

    Bill Reynold's Amalgamated Conserves Tramway - charming British garden railway

    Rob Bennett's - wonderful photos including many of his fine figures rolling about in English landscapes

7/8ths Scale Manufactures & Vendors

    Sierra Valley Enterprises - Gary's outstanding wheels and castings

    Model Earth - Simon Harris's amazing resin kits and details

    Simply 78ths - Mick Atkinson's wonderful etched cars and locomotives

    Talisman Castings - online catalog of available castings

    Rob Bennett's Busy Bodies - people to make your railroad happy

    Ozark Miniatures - nice variety of parts

    ServoLink - manufactures of Delrin gears and chain that make great drive systems

Not 7/8ths - but you just have to look

    Ray Dunakin's World - wonderful In-ko-pah rock railway as well as photo resources

    Gordon Birrell's models - Gordon does amazing things very fast

    Carl Arendt's Micro Design Site - check it out if your feeling cramped

    Gn15 Info - lot's of creative ideas and nice modeling

    Feldbahn-Modellbau - great models and ideas

    Chuck Doan's dioramas - incredible modeling with weathering like mother nature intended

    David K Smith - two great sites N-Scale and Z-scale - with lots of animation and an interesting perspective on modeling


    Crabfu - inspirational steam powered contraptions

    Kinetic Steam Works - full size cool

Historical Material

    Iron Miners - A great forum covering mining history

    Croton Dam History - The way historical archives should be run.    Croton Dam Archives images 1, Croton Dam Archives images 2

    Ironhorse 129 - Tim Farin's collection of small locomotive photos.

    Steam Locomotive information - photos of existing steam locomotives

    Northeast Railfan 

    Donald Nute's photos

    Railroadinfo Critter page