The Robert Pearson Collection: Industrial Suppliers - C. W. Hunt

Although not as well known as other industrial suppliers, the C. W. Hunt Co. offered an amazing assortment of industrial equipment.  Established in 1872, the New York based firm supplied rope, coal handling equipment, cranes, and complete industrial railways.  The innovative company was purchased by the Yale and Towne Manufacturing in 1920 shortly after C. W. Hunt Co produced a battery powered lift truck.  The Yale and Towne Manufacturing is now know as the Yale Materials Handling Corporation and is still in the materials handling business.  Early C. W. Hunt Co. catalogs are treasure troves; showcasing the engineering standards of a bygone era.  The catalogs were custom bound for individual clients and reflected the needs of the customer.  The pdf's below come from a 1905 catalog bound for Harry Hildebrand.  If you have any additional information about C. W. Hunt Co. railway cars please let me know.

Marty Johnston


Coal Handling Machinery - Cat 055

Noiseless Conveyor - Cat 053

Coal Cracker - Cat 057   

Automatic Railway - Cat 0510    PDF 8.6 meg - you will need Adobe Reader 5.0 or later

Cable Railway - Cat 0415    PDF 6.5 meg - you will need Adobe Reader 5.0 or later

Industrial Railway - Cat 038     PDF 10.5 meg - you will need Adobe Reader 5.0 or later

Electric Storage Battery Locomotive - Cat 0223     PDF 3.5 meg - you will need Adobe Reader 5.0 or later

Steam Hoisting Engines - Cat 058

Electric Hoists, Winches and Capstans - Cat 046

Overhead Trolleys - Cat 026

Scales - Cat 0413

Manila Rope - Cat 054